SEO optimization Is a mix of effective methods, tactics and processes to improve the visibility of your website, its successful indexing and positioning of the first pages of the search engines. SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization..

Well-optimized sites are usually ranked higher in higher positions for their niche keywords, so their visitors are a lot more than these of the non-optimized sites. SEO involves many processes within itself, but the first step before applying any tactics should be to perform a complete website analysis – also known as SEO audit. It includes analysis of the technical SEO factors, accessibility for bots and indexing, content analysis, keywords research and semantic core development, internal and inbound links on the website and many more criteria in order the website to be SEO friendly.

The next step is to create an individual strategy for the website with solutions to current issues and steps to further optimize it so better rankings will be achieved for the most important niche keywords and phrases.

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Why do you need SEO optimization?

Our experience, as well as a number of world-class marketing researches, have repeatedly proven that organic traffic is one of the top sources of potential customers that are turning into real paying customers. SEO is also one of the most sought-after services in the world due to the high ROI. Here are some short statistics:

  • 60% of organic clicks are concentrated in the first 3 results on the first page on Google
  • 57% of B2B marketers say SEO optimization has the greatest impact in generating conversions (queries, direct sales, subscriptions, etc.)
  • Organic search is the number one source of traffic for content sites
  • 72% of users searching locally searches for their business site within one day.
  • It is well known that Google (like all other search engines) evaluates a website based on multiple factors (over 200). Among the most important factors are the quality content, the quality built and optimized site and its popularity in the form of a quality backlinks profile and brand references and citations. The better your business covers these factors, the more attention you will get from the search engines in the form of better rankings and more visitors.

    It is important to know that SEO optimization is not performed for a day, week or month. This is by no means a one-time marketing process. In most cases, it takes months or (and sometimes years) to reach top results. However, it all depends on the current state of your website as well as your advertising and marketing strategies and their implementation. In any case, however, SEO is a service to which you have to deal with long-term planning and attitude.

    Why choose us and what do we offer?

    We offer professional optimization of your website and its content. The techniques we use are focused on On-Site, On-Page, Off-Page, and Semantic SEO optimization.

    It is important to know that we only follow the rules, practices and tactics of white-hat SEO optimization as well as Google Webmaster Guidelines!

    As a customer, you get:
  • Transparent attitude and monthly reports
  • Individual Strategies and Search Engine Optimization Approach
  • Increase the authority and competitiveness of your brand
  • Permanent monitoring of your website
  • Making your website a reliable source of information for web users (who will prefer you to your competitors)
  • Special attention to semantic optimization - extremely important and essential to Google
  • Achieve high results, increase traffic to your website and high return on investment
  • Long-term work on your site and long-term results
  • The experience we have acquired has been acquired over 10 years of research, research and study of the latest strategies in the world of digital marketing and building of our own know-how.
  • The stages of our work in the process of SEO optimization include:
  • SEO analysis, audit and consulting
  • Preparing an SEO Plan Based on Website Analysis - We build a plan in the process of SEO optimization on your website so that we can achieve successful results and the proper functioning of our strategies.
  • Implement the plan and monitor the results
  • Analyze and improve the content and structure of the website
  • Analyze and improve the link profile of the website
  • Exploring keywords and phrases that focus on your audience from potential customers
  • Planning and optimizing the content of your website, which includes: optimizing images and text content, correctly positioning and using keywords and phrases, titles, meta tags, alt tags, outbound links, anchor texts
  • Pay more attention to the user experience on the pages of your website.
  • Local optimization or location optimization
  • Analysis of competition and development of strategies for its overcoming
  • Monitoring the rankings of your site in search engine rankings