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Local PPC Campaigns

One of the most effective methods to reach your potential customers on a local level is the paid Google advertising. This is especially true if you need quick results with a remarkable ROI and you are a new or relatively new business, which of course does not mean that the campaigns would not work for you and if you are a business with market traditions. It's just a more immediate way to get placement and results than standard SEO takes.

HyperActive Concepts has specialists who will create an individual campaign that is unique to your business and is geared to its potential customers. We have extensive experience working with companies on a local basis and their laser-focused performance in paid Google results at the optimum level.

How do we proceed with Local PPC campaigns?
Keywords at local level

Of particular importance is the study of local-level keywords and analysis of user intentions in search. In this respect, we are working with tools of extremely detailed analysis of each phrase, as well as manual analysis, so that we can be sure of the information we have. Based on this, we will then also build and group the Google Ads account at the structure and ad group level.

Laser geographic targeting and perfect campaign organization.

Thanks to the rich set of options offered by Google Ads, we can target your potential customers by location, in a range of miles, on certain streets, and postal codes.

Local PPC campaigns are perfect for mobile users

More than half, already over 60% of Google's searches are done on a mobile device. This is because users are looking for a solution to their problem quickly and as closely as possible. Here comes the ability of any local business to target them in the given location and to be visible to them at any time, no matter where the service or product seekers are.

Thanks to the rich opportunities, provided by Google Ads, we can even create Call only ads for you, so your potential customers will be just a phone-call away from you. They just tap on your phone number and contact you immediately with their enquiries looking for a product or assistance on your services.

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Fast results and excellent measurability

Unlike the other popular channels of digital marketing such as SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social network marketing, PPC gives quite rapid results. This is because the relevant website is immediately relevant to your business's website, ready to generate leads in the form of queries or orders.

It is also very important to mention the need for a well-built, structured, optimized and managed campaign because only so your ads will be a click away from the solution-seeker in the form of a service or product. This also generates a fast return on your investment.