We cannot stress enought the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for your website. No matter if you are a large or small business, you need SEO. You want people to find your website and your business and for them to see the products and services that you are offering.

SEO and SEM are not as simple as it used to be. It's become a truly complex formula. You can't just submit your website to the search engines anymore. There's a full marketing strategy that should be developed just for you and your business and targeting your ideal consumer.

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Google AdWords PPC Management

HyperActive Concepts is an agency in the Metro Atlanta GA area with extensive experience in organizing and managing effective Google AdWords campaigns for small, medium and large businesses in different niches.

We run campaigns both locally in Atlanta, across the United States and around the world. No matter what your business is targeting, we have the expertise and experience to create, manage and optimize effective and individual campaigns for your business.

Why Google Ads?

Nowadays Google Ads is one of the most powerful tools to attract targeted traffic from visitors to your website. It can generate results quickly compared to some other digital marketing channels such as content marketing, standard SEO optimization, email marketing, etc.

Both organic results and paid Google results appear through keywords that we enter into the search engine. These results in the form of text ads are most often above or below organic results and are marked with a green tag. Developing a well-organized and optimized PPC campaign today is one of the most effective ways to market a business, even to build a brand and of course attract customers.

How we work?
When organizing your PPC campaigns, we follow the simple steps:
  • •We get to know your business in detail.
  • •We may have to send you a questionnaire or hold a long dating meeting with you to have enough information to create an individual strategy specifically for your business.
  • •We will prepare a detailed analysis of keywords and phrases.
  • •We'll let you know which solutions like Google's paid advertising channels are best for you.
  • •We will offer you an option for marketing funnels that your customers will follow online / in the event of the possibility of creating such
  • •We will organize the campaign optimally for you - to your budget and needs.
  • •We will create unique texts for your ads, tailored to the specifics of your potential customers.
  • •We'll create a unique creative for your display ads
  • •We will manage cost-per-click and impressions.
  • •We will strive to achieve the highest possible conversion rates.
In a little more details ...
We manage the keyword phrases of your campaign

The successful PPC campaign starts right there - the proper and specific management of the keywords of the keywords selected for your business. The basic idea is to be most visible only in the most relevant words, which of course will also bring relevant visitors.

One of the most common mistakes we see here is the use of a broad match, which causes the ad to appear in multiple words that are not effective for business and attract an audience that often does not search for what it offers.

Campaign Structure & Ad Group Segmentation is extremely important

Proper campaign structure, as well as ad groups, is of fundamental importance to the success of the campaign as a whole and to the proper measurement of its effectiveness. Last but not least, it optimizes its cost and promotes better return on investment.

The more segmented a campaign as a structure and ad groups, as well as tightly related keywords by topic, the more effective it is. Often, however, this organization proves to be a problem if the business decides to build the campaign itself or with the help of inexperienced professionals. The reason for this is that each organization is unique and individual and that one is working for a business does not mean it will work for yours.

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Landing Page optimization and content creation

Without a good landing page with properly written content, your entire PPC campaign may be inefficient, no matter how well it's built. Part of the common problems we encounter is poor design or poor content where users do not find what they are looking for and simply leave the page without taking action.

We will help you design efficient PPC landing pages with the right calls-to-action that drive results. We can also help you test your landing pages over time.

We make continuous testing of your ads

Experience has shown that organizing and optimizing a PPC campaign can not meet the set and forget it principle. This is why we continuously test ads, add and remove different types of copies, extensions, and other components to see when your users respond best and the likelihood of clicks is greatest.

How do we measure the results?

In the process, we use Google Analytics as the primary tool for measuring results, but we also have experience working with other software such as Piwik, Adobe Analytics, Sitecore, and even customized systems specifically designed for your business.

We use for each campaign and software that monitors your users' behavior, which further helps to optimize campaigns more efficiently for higher conversion rates.

Then, thanks to our expertise in data analysis, we will optimize your campaign so that it fully meets the expectations and needs of your potential customers, which is the key to its success, like that of your business.

Google Ads & ROI

A well-organized, optimized and managed PPC campaign generates a high ROI. The main reason for this is higher keyword quality scores, lower cost-per-click (CPCs), and greater overall efficiency in the PPC advertising account, both locally, nationally or even globally, for small, medium and large businesses.

We do not just want to spend your budget in order to be spent, but to regain it and generate the highest possible profit for your business.

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We do not hide anything from you when we prepare our reports

We will provide you with a report of a period agreed with you without hiding any data from it. Transparent work is extremely important to us as well as your awareness of what is happening at any moment in the campaign. The main difference between self-proclaimed PPC specialists and real ones is that the second results come with time and do not hide what they do for your business.

Do you need a local PPC management?

Geo-targeted campaigns are some of the most effective when it comes to PPC. What is the reason? A much better focus on online consumer behavior online from a given location, as well as a significantly smaller number of targeted keywords. This creates a condition for a laser-focused campaign entirely and only to the most relevant visitors ready to convert into paying customers.

Well-optimized campaigns with good creatives and copies, as well as well-designed and optimized landing pages, greatly reduce your advertising costs. The reason for this is the lower cost per click, a better Quality Score, more impressions and of course more clicks, which equals more conversion opportunities and a higher conversion rate.

This type of campaign works exceptionally well for mobile PPC campaigns, where users are looking for a quick solution as close as possible to them.